Søren Solkær – Black Sun

2021 / 1st edition
Edition Circle
24 x 30 cm, 172 pages
ISBN 978-87-972677-1-4 

As the countless birds congregate in large murmurations before collectively settling in the reeds at dusk they put on an incredible show of collaboration and performance skills. And now and then, by the added drama of attacking birds of prey, the flock will unfold a breathtaking and veritable ballet of life or death. 

The starlings move as one unified organism that vigorously opposes any outside threat. A strong visual expression is created – like that of an ink drawing or a calligraphic brush stroke – asserting itself against the sky. Shapes and black lines of condensation form within the swarm, resembling waves of interference or mathematical abstractions written across the horizon.


Captured in the marshlands of southern Denmark, Soren Solkaer’s ongoing project documents one of nature’s most mesmerizing phenomena. ‘Black Sun’ focuses on the quiet landscapes of the Danish photographer’s childhood where nearly one million starlings congregate during the vernal and autumnal seasons. Set at dusk, the photographs frame the migratory birds as they take to the sky in murmurations, amorphous groups that transform the individual creatures into a unified entity.
The fluctuating flight patterns swell above the horizon as the birds move from tree to tree or sometimes, in response to an impending threat.


Incentrato sulle paludi della Danimarca meridionale, il progetto in corso di Soren Solkaer documenta uno dei fenomeni più affascinanti della natura. “Black Sun” si focalizza sui tranquilli paesaggi dell’infanzia del fotografo danese, dove quasi un milione di storni si riunisce durante le stagioni primaverili e autunnali. Ambientate all’imbrunire, le fotografie mostrano gli uccelli migratori che volano in cielo in mormorii, gruppi amorfi che trasformano i singoli uccelli in un’entità aggregata.
Gli schemi di volo fluttuanti si alzano sopra l’orizzonte, mentre gli uccelli si spostano da un albero all’altro o, talvolta, in risposta ad una minaccia incombente.