Roger Eberhard – Human Territoriality


Patrick Frey, 2020
116 Pages,51 photographs
Edition of 800

Human Territoriality is a selection of Roger Eberhard’s photographs of former border regions around the globe and down through the course of human history. Some of these borders have shifted over time, by only a few hundred meters or much more, due to climate change or manmade changes in the landscape, others have vanished with the fall of mighty empires on either side. Eberhard’s photographs, supplemented by in-depth captions, help us to grasp the protean puzzle of the world’s cartography. In a time of mass migration, border walls and spreading nationalism, they reveal the inherent instability of these man-made demarcations.


Human Territoriality è una selezione di fotografie scattate da Roger Eberhard nelle ex regioni di confine di tutto il mondo. Alcuni di questi confini si sono spostati nel tempo, anche solo di qualche centinaio di metri, a causa dei cambiamenti climatici o dei cambiamenti causati dall’intervento dell’uomo sul paesaggio, altri sono svaniti con la caduta di potenti imperi. Le fotografie di Eberhard, integrate da didascalie approfondite, ci aiutano a cogliere il mutevole puzzle della cartografia mondiale. In un periodo di migrazione di massa, mura di confine e diffusione del nazionalismo, queste immagini rivelano l’instabilità intrinseca delle demarcazioni create dall’uomo.


VIDEO: Roger Eberhard presents his book 



Roger Eberhard was born in Zurich and grew up in Birmensdorf. He moved to Vancouver in 2003, and to Santa Barbara, California in 2005 where he studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography. Eberhard won the EWZ Swiss Photo Award in 2009 for his series So Long, Cockaigne.

In 2016 Swiss publishing house Scheidegger & Spiess published Eberhard’s book Standard, for which he photographed the Hilton Hotels Standard room and the view from it in 32 different countries. The Washington Post called it a journey of the deja-vu. Author Benedict Wells contributed an essay about the monotony and melancholy of hotels to the book. Other books by Roger Eberhard include Wilted Country, In Good Light, Tumulus and Norma.

In 2012 Roger Eberhard founded the publishing house b.frank books. Together with Swiss artist Ester Vonplon, they publish 2-4 books per year. Amongst other artists, b.frank books has released books by Saâdane Afif, Will Steacy und Jenny Rova.