Marina Caneve – Are they rocks or clouds?

2019 / 1st edition
Fw: Books
28 × 22 cm, 160 pages
ISBN 978-94-90119-79-9 

I’m deeply interested in complexity and exploring how our knowledge is shaped, the way we perceive and our attempts to grasp things. And, again, to grasp things that apparently are on one side too big to be depicted, on the other so prominent that people can hardly adapt.

I find inspirations in things that I don’t understand, and, in this sense, I see photography as a way of giving shape. I’m extremely triggered by the clash between magic and in the scientific, where poetry and concrete facts embrace themselves. Taking into account both these variables, I see each work as a piece of a mosaic, which perhaps will never be completed, and with which I am constantly confronted with different points of view and directions. It is no coincidence to realise that are the digressions more than the linear discourse to fascinate and inspire my work.

This book addresses the history of hydrogeological events in the Dolomite mountains and, more broadly, how our cultural memories of such incidents are shaped. The publication explores how human habitation persists in locations that have established patterns of landslides, floods, and other such possible catastrophes. The work comprises a blend of research and archival images, texts, and recent photographs woven together to address the themes of Destruction, Protection, Experience, and Resilience in areas with centuries-long cycles of human vulnerability in the face of natural disasters. ‘Are They Rocks or Clouds’ balances information, history and visual pleasure as the reader is asked to confront the risks we take, as humans, in our effort to live comfortably while also pushing the limits of how we interact with the natural world. 


Questo libro tratta la storia di eventi idrogeologici nelle montagne dolomitiche e, più in generale, come siano modulate le nostre memorie culturali di tali incidenti. La pubblicazione esplora come le abitazioni umane persistano in zone colpite ripetutamente da frane, inondazioni e altre possibili catastrofi. Il lavoro comprende un connubio tra ricerca e immagini d’archivio, testi e fotografie recenti posti in relazione per affrontare i temi della distruzione, protezione, esperienza e resilienza in aree con cicli secolari di vulnerabilità umana di fronte alle catastrofi naturali. ‘Are They Rocks o Clouds’ intreccia l’informazione con la storia e il piacere visivo, e nel contempo il lettore è invitato ad interrogarsi sui rischi ai quali ci esponiamo, come esseri umani, nel nostro sforzo di vivere comodamente e nello spingere i limiti della nostra interazione con la natura.