A creative space for photography-based books

Ever since its creation, the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation has promoted initiatives to present parts of its collections and make them accessible to the public. The Foundation thus dedicated the Artphilein Photobook Library to its collection of books of and about photography: a specialist library in Lugano, which opened its doors in October 2019.

Founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation, Artphilein Photobook Library aims at promoting the culture of photography books.

Artphilein Photobook Library intends to evolve and develop through participation and sharing, in order to promote an awareness of and a passion for photography and photobooks. Library users and members of the public thus be offered proposals for encounters and opportunities for reflection. In the meantime, the Foundation continues to expand the book collection of the library.

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Artphilein Foundation

The De Pietri Artphilein Foundation promotes cultural activities in different fields and supports contemporary art through artists’ sponsorships, collaboration with other institutions, displays at different venues, support of Choisi Bookshop, Spazio Choisi and the publications by Artphilein Editions, as well as the acquisition of artworks by contemporary artists. The foundation’s objectives are achieved also by organising conferences, the production of projects and finally with loans and donations to both museums and cultural institutions, thus sustaining the visual arts in its various forms – painting, sculpture, photography, video, books, installation and performance.

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Artphilein Editions

Artphilein Editions is a publishing house dedicated to producing photography-based books and artists’ books.

It was founded in 2013 by the director of the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation, with a view to collaborating actively with the artists in the planning, drafting and creation of distinctive artists’ books.

Choisi Bookshop and Spazio Choisi

Choisi Bookshop is specialized in contemporary artists’ books, photo-books, self-publishing and independent publishers.

Spazio Choisi was inaugurated in 2019 next to the bookshop.

Spazio Choisi #1 is the new project room opened to international guests, artists/publishers, residencies, festivals, focused on art publishing practices and contemporary photography.

Spazio Choisi #2 is the exhibition space retained by Artphilein Editions, where our publishing house presents and showcasts its publications. In order to unfold the book and therefore allow a more broaden perusal, Artphilein Editions, in collaboration with the artist, stages each  publication one at a time.

Bookshop Choisi