Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli – Tempus Fugit

2017 / 2nd edition
10 copies, 5/10, numbered
21 x 21 cm

Sometimes taking a picture allows the reunification of the self with the world. The experience of the moment adds intensity to the image. With digital photography there is an option to subtly manipulate the image to truly emphasize the intuition which guided the process. I am trying to make images that reflect the complexity of my intentions, which in turn define their own inherent world.
There is a kind of urgency when I realize a project…something like an instinctive energy coupled with an intellectual curiosity and when they both work together it feels like poetry. It is for these moments that I work so hard.


While watching the clouds passing over the port of Genoa (Italy) I was inspired to create this artist’s book. In the midst of thoughts about the forces and movements of nature, the tragic events of my life led me to take stock of my existence.
The movement of the clouds creates an unpredictable and mysterious energy that colors our thoughts. In this atmospheric energy I found the strength to contemplate my past and imagine my future.


In this hand made artist’s book Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli tells a story: starting from the question ‘how do I represent the clouds’, the artist built a spiral, a three-dimensional structure of paper that turns and eddies on itself. As in a book, the visual story unfolds and allows a linear reading of the photographs and texts.


In questo libro d’artista realizzato a mano, Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli racconta una storia: a partire dalla domanda ‘come rappresento le nuvole’, l’artista ha costruito una spirale, una struttura tridimensionale di carta, che gira e si avvita su se stessa. Come in un libro, il racconto visivo si dipana e consente una lettura lineare delle fotografie e dei testi.