#1 La fotografia un cantiere aperto – 30 books chosen by Pino Musi to talk about the urban “limit”


19 October 2019 – 31 July 2020 // EXTENDED until 31 October 2020

The first exhibition organized by Artphilein Library proposes a focus on the perceptions arising from the observation of suburb landscapes.

Compared to the “rules” (urban, architectural, logistic, etc.) that permeate cities and countries with a well-defined center and controlled development, the suburbs are “other” places, again and again broken, disharmonious, with de facto states and an organization that is often difficult to interpret, sometimes unsettling. The suburbs appear to be disorganized, unfinished, suspended spaces, without escape routes or reassuring perspectives, waiting for a more organic structuring.

After the release of his book Border Soundscapes, we invited Pino Musi to select some books from the collection of Artphilein Library, in order to attest a reflection on the photographic look on the outskirts of the city. Musi selected thirty titles, which are on show, together with an abstract.

This event is part of the eleventh edition of the Biennale dell’immagine, Bi11 CRASH.


Book selection:

Robert Adams
The New West
Steidl, 2015

Michael Ashkin
TIS book, 2018

Lewis Baltz
The New Industrial Park near Irvine

Steidl, 2001

Lewis Baltz
The Prototype Works
Steidl, 2011

Gabriele Basilico
Ritratti di Fabbriche
SugarCo., 1981

Joachim Brohm
Steidl, 2002

Giuseppe Chietera, Fabio Tasca
The Point and Shoot Series
Artphilein Editions, 2019

Berris Conolly
Sheffield Photographs 1985-1987
Devi Lewis Publishing, 2019

Gilbert Fastenaekens
Art and Research Publishing, 1997

Paul Graham
American Night
Steidl, 2004

Pascal Greco
Hong Kong

Gerry Johansson
American Winter
MACK, 2018

Andre Kirchner
Stadtrand Berlin 1993/1994
Hartmann Projects, 2019

Ute & Werner Mahler
Hartmann Projects, 2018

John Myers
Looking at the Overlooked
RRB, 2019

Lars Rolfsted Mortensen
In Search of Habitat
The Velvet Cell, 2015

Bill Owens
Straight Arrow, 1973

Nathan Pearce & Tim Carpenter
Still Feel Gone
Deadbeat Club, 2018

Peter Piller
Von Erde Schöner
Verlag Bernd Detsch, 2017

Salvatore Santoro
self published, 2012

Michael Schmidt
Berlin Nach 45
Steidl, 2005

Toshio Shibata
Nazraeli Press, 2014

Stephen Shore
Uncommon Places
Aperture, 2004

Joel Sternfeld
On This Site
Steidl, 2012

Andreas Tschersich
Edition Patrick Frey, 2016

Tobias Zielony
Spector Books, 2014

AAVV (Dominique Auerbacher, Lewis Baltz, Gabriele Basilico, Raymond Depardon, Robert Doisneau, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Jean-Louis Garnell, Frank Gohlke, Josef Koudelka, Sophie Ristelhueber, Holger Trülzch e altri)
Paysages photographies en France les années quatre-vingt
Hazan, 1989

AAVV  (Alterazioni Video, Fosbury Architecture)
Incompiuto. La nascita di uno Stile -The birth of a style.
Humboldt Books, 2018

AAVV (Lewis Baltz, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Joe Deal, Frank Gohlke, Henry Wessel)
The New Topographics
Steidl, 2013

Pino Musi
Borders Soundscapes
Artphilein Editions, 2019